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A better update

So I know I updated this morning, but I have a bit more time now so I thought I’d post a couple more details. I tried haggis the other day and listened to a guy perform Robert Burns poems, which was amazing. On Sunday Eve and I made the trek all the way up to Arthur’s seat, which was quite a ways, believe me. I tried to take pictures all the way around so that people can get the jist of what it was like, but I’m sure it doesn’t do it justice. Yesterday we made a nauseating daytrip to the holy island, Lindisfarne. The island itself is wonderfully peaceful and I definately want to go back. Also yesterday we traveled to Bamburgh Castle, which was also beautiful, the sky in the pictures looks fake! Then we went to Sir Walter Scott’s house which I want to steal since he practically had his own museum complete with armor from the battle of Waterloo and various other items, in addition to over 9,000 books that you can still look through (with permission of course). The gardens of Scott’s home were just gorgeous and I took several pictures of that. The last stop of the day was Scott’s View which is a place that Scott visited all the time when he was alive. He went there so often in fact that when he died and they transported his body to his gravesite, his horse automatically stopped there. I can definately see why, I sat on a bench and just stared at the horizon until our prof. told us that we had to get going back to Edinburgh. I’m running out of time again, so next time you hear from me I’ll be in the Highlands as tonight is our last night in Edinburgh. Love and miss you all.



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Edinburgh photos

I have uploaded some pictures to flickr, but I took so many that they wouldn’t all fit on my monthly allowance of photos so I uploaded all of them onto albums on facebook. They should be accessible for anyone, even if they do not have a facebook account. If you have problems and can’t look at them, let me know and I will try to find a way to get them onto a site you can see.

Album 1: http://bethel.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2031165&l=c373d&id=63804644

Album 2: http://bethel.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2031167&l=d29ca&id=63804644

Album 3: http://bethel.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2031168&l=59463&id=63804644

Album 4: http://bethel.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2031169&l=061e6&id=63804644

Also, we went to Lindisfarne, which is this tiny island that you can only get to by road about twice a day, it was absolutely wonderful. I bought a book there about slowing down and I’m really excited about it. Well, that’s all I have time to write down right now, so I’ll hopefully update again soon with more detail.

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Our first stop is Edinburgh, and this city is gorgeous! The festival is going on so there’s a lot of people here that normally wouldn’t be (our proffesor said their population triples when the festival is going on!) So far I’ve seen the palace at Holyrood House, the military Tatoo, 2 plays, the writer’s museum in Lady Stair’s Close, the gardens on Princes’ Street, and the outside of Edinburgh Castle. I haven’t bought much besides theatre tickets (we’re going to another show tonight called Black Comedy), and food, but hopefully I’ll get a scarf or something before we leave. I won’t be on much longer this post, because the library is closing soon, but I will hopefully be uploading some pictures before we leave Edinburgh.

 Lots of love,

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And so it goes…

Last night I watched my best friend of ten years get married. I was supposed to prepare a toast, being the maid of honor and all, but as hard as I tried I couldn’t think of a thing to say. How could I possibly convey everything this girl has meant to me in about two minutes and try to make it make sense to all these people? Here I was, the best friend, the writer, and I couldn’t say anything. She is the girl that’s been there every time I’ve ever needed her. She’s the girl that has bought me countless lunches, she’s the one who could make me laugh no matter what, and she’s one of the only people who I could be away from for an extended time only to come back and talk to like I saw her yesterday. Now she’s married and moving to Chicago, and I’m spending a little over three months in the U.K. The past ten years have been rushing by so fast that I only just now stopped and realized where the two of us are. She’s just exactly who I thought she would be: creative, an artist, beautiful, and full of joy.

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5 Days Until…

I have about a million firsts. First plane ride, first time in a different country. I’m creating this blog in the hope that it will be easier for all of my friends and family to access it, as opposed to facebook or myspace. I’ll still be using those sites, I just won’t be posting updates on them, this way I only have to post once instead of two or three times. On the right side of the screen there should be a link to my flickr account where I will be periodically uploading pictures. Hope everyone likes this new site!

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