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Rabbie Burns

I’m back in Scotland!!!! Thank God. Paris was ridiculously stressful and expensive. It was also incredibly beautiful and I got to see (and take pictures of) paintings by Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, and Degas. I went to the Musee d’Orsay (the Impressionist art museum) twice! I also went to the second level of the Eiffel Tower, which was 700 steps – that’s 100 more than it took to get to the top of Skellig Michael. Hope and I stayed up there until the sun went down and saw it light up and sparkle. I also got to have coffee and croissant everyday. I know what you must be thinking, that doesn’t sound very stressful, right? Well I’m getting to that part. The stress came when I had to get from my hotel in the middle of Paris to the airport outside of Paris, check-in, etc, ALL BY MYSELF!!!! Gahhhh. I hated it and it totally freaked me out, but I’m still alive. Right now I’m enjoying getting to hang out with my mommy and having my lappy back for awhile. That being said, I have fairly regular internet access until I go back to London on the 2nd so email loads, because I’ll be able to reply!

Even though I’m not with the England Term group right now I feel like I’m still on a literary tour. Yesterday we went on a boat ride on the Sir Walter Scott – on the lake that inspired the poem “Lady of the Lake”. Today we drove to the “Birks of Aberfeldy” a place that Robert Burns wrote about, and ate dinner in the oldest inn in Scotland. On the wall they haveĀ a sheet of plastic protecting a poem that Robert Burns pencilled on the wall. I just can’t escape literary history. I love it!

love and miss you all!


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We are back in England again after two weeks in Ireland. Ireland was wonderful. I bought too much stuff, all of which was worth it. I got some Christmas shopping done and I saw a poster from the Quiet Man at a B & B in Sligo. Also in Sligo we saw the Lake Isle of Innisfree (from afar) and went to a place called Holywell. At Holy well there is a tradition where people hang pieces of cloth or other items on trees as a prayer for the people they belong to. In Galway I bought a Claddagh ring in Galway at the store that owns the copyright for Claddagh rings. We also got to see Giant’s Causeway which has huge columns of natural hexagonal stones. The same day as the causeway we got to go across a rope bridge which was a bit scary but still fun. Photos soon to follow, but for now I must relinquish the computer to Hope.

Love and miss you all!

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The Ocean Breathes Salty

Yesterday we traveled by boat to Skellig Michael. It was amazing and impossible to describe, but I’ll try anyway until I can get pictures up. The ocean was beautiful and I don’t think you can ever really get how beautiful it is until your in it and can feel the crusty layer of salt on your face. When we got to the island we had to time it so that we stepped off while the boat was being lifted by a wave. The climb to the top wasn’t as strenuous as other treks as there are steps- 600 of them that lead to the monastic village. The village itself was like many of the other monasteries and abbeys that we have seen, but when we went a bit further up I saw just what was so unique about Skellig. I spent several minutes of our little time there lying on a slab of rock watching the waves crash against the rocks of Skellig.

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