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Happy Christmas

I probably ought to have written one last time when I was still abroad, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to the task. I don’t know how many people might read this now that I’m back home, but I just wanted to write just how much I loved and appreciated everyone who shared this trip with me. I don’t want to sound too sappy, because if that happens then people’s emotions go flying and then it’s like when balloons get stuck on a really high ceiling and all the kids with their short arms are crying and won’t shut up and the balloon is still stuck on the ceiling three days later until it loses enough helium and floats down all sad looking and deflated. Nobody likes a sad deflated balloon.

So enough of that emotional business. Tomorrow is Christmas, and I get to give everyone the nifty stuff I found. And baking cookies and watching old Christmas movies and working on my journal. Then it’s back up to Bethel to meet my new roomates and catch up with the England Termers. Today is a good day. 🙂


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