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Awkward. Yet Cool.

So today I wanted to go see something nice and just pleasant so I went to see Definately, Maybe, which was for sure one of those nice little predictable happy ending type movies that I like to watch every once in awhile, especially after I’ve been thinking about particularly heavy subjects. However, I thought it was a little weird that one major character was named APRIL HOFFMAN! How does that even happen?! It was kinda creepy. I’ve seen movies where someone’s name was April before (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie where a character’s last name was Hoffman, even though it’s not an uncommon name. But seriously, it was kinda weird and creepy. I hope I don’t meet some guy named Will Hayes now cause that would definately be messed up.

Moving on. Yesterday I found out that Aaron Gillespie, singer for two super great bands, The Almost and Underoath has a tattoo of a flamingo! (I adore flamingos for the uninformed reader) Coincidence? Well, yeah, but I still thought it was pretty cool. Plus he has red hair, which makes him even more awesome.
thealmost3.jpg thealmost2.jpg


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I really like this video. Well this song more like. Maybe I won’t like it quite so much tomorrow, but today I do so I’m posting it today. It is by Wisely and features Jenna Fischer of The Office. Enjoy!

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If you’ve never listened to the band Spoon you need to go listen to them right now because they are truly awesome. If you’ve seen the Will Ferrell movie Stranger than Fiction they did most of the songs on the soundtrack. I love this band, I’m not kidding, I’m listening to “I Summon You” from their cd Gimme Fiction right now -which has a lot of songs from the movie Stranger Than Fiction including the song “I Turn My Camera On” that isn’t on the soundtrack but plays while Will’s character is in the guitar shop. Seriously if you’re still reading this instead of listening to them you’re crazy. GO NOW!

Ps. They have videos up on their website

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Is REM + muppets

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The Race Card

People (myself included) have a tendency to hide certain parts of the past. And we I get tired of talking about the past. Specifically racism. Racism. RACISM. I hear that word thrown around a lot, and I don’t think there are too many people who really know what it means. What constitutes racism and what is just prejudice and what is the line between the two. I won’t pretend to know exactly where the line is. But what I do know I’ve been learning lately is that myself along with the majority of society try really hard to convince ourselves that racism isn’t the issue today that it was forty or even twenty years ago, and in some ways maybe that’s true, but how far have we truly come with our prejudices?

We’re still pigeonholing people. The only thing that’s changed is that instead of seeing images of black-face characters with white eyes and huge red lips holding watermelons, we see pimps and ‘hos and people speaking like their from the “ghetto” when they’re from Iowa. And if someone just isn’t that person, then we are surprised and say they aren’t “black enough” but we try to hide that because if we did we’d be “racist.” And even though I use the example that most of us think of when we think of racism (i.e. white vs. black) prejudice relates to every race and can relate to any group of people.

Racism is such a loaded word and to be honest someone calling me racist would probably be one of the most offensive and hurtful things someone could say about me. All of my life I’ve thought of myself as the complete opposite, and yet here I am, admitting that there have been groups of people who I have had horrible misconceptions about, and even if those groups don’t have to do with race I need to realize that those are misconceptions that I need to change about myself.

If you still don’t really understand what it is that I’m getting across, watch Bamboozled by Spike Lee. Then watch MTV or the Disney Channel and you’ll get it. Hopefully.

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I really want a frozen hot chocolate right now. It’d be nice if there was a point to this blog, but there isn’t really. I was just letting the odd passerby know that I’ll probably keep updating this blog from time to time mostly because myspace is creepy, xanga is insufficient and facebook is well, facebook. I will also try to put more/different pictures up from my trip to England and eventually fix the videos on this page that won’t play (but probably not any time soon as Bethel has blocked the site, grr). So anyway. This is just to let everyone know that I’m back!

Quote of the blog:
       A people without history
Is not redeemed from time, for history is a pattern
Of timeless moments. So, while the light fails
On a winter’s afternoon, in a secluded chapel
History is now and England. – T.S. Eliot

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