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I’ve kind of had heavy boots for awhile so I’ve been looking around for something to cheer me up, and I’ve really started to realize – it’s hard to stay happy! It’s hard to be funny, too. Especially on paper. I watched the movie Crash today and I can’t decide whether it makes me feel hopeless or encouraged. Tricky. And heavy. Man was that a heavy movie. Definately wasn’t helping to boost the old morale. And that isn’t to say that it’s not a good movie, because it is. It’s an important movie because I think that it makes people look a little bit closer at how they judge people even if they aren’t meaning to (myself included).

But some lovely things that happened this week:
Being home was wonderful and relaxing, even though I was trying to start on internship stuff. I got to see Amanda. I totally rocked Monopoly, even though I ended up losing (by a smidge). Liam Lynch put up a new episode of his podcast. I watched a lot of celebrity Weakest Link, which is always great. Upcoming great events of course include: going to a concert with Eve, which is an exciting and new venture, should be a lot of fun there. Oh and I re-started writing the book I started last spring with a bunch of new ideas so yeah, exciting!


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Yesterday I realized that I spend a lot of time saying “when I have time.” When I have time I’ll get ahead in my assignments. When I have time I’ll work on stuff for the Coeval. When I have time I’ll start sending stuff out. When I have time I’ll look for internships. When I have time I’ll write that letter. But the fact is that THIS is the time I have. Those are the same roads that I drive just a little too fast on and those are the same somedays that I’m saying. But what if tomorrow or even today is the deadline and I haven’t even started? I watch the big news like everyone else but the tragedies don’t hit me like this does. I saw the shootings at college campuses just like everyone else and the NIU shooting hit closer than any other has, but that was just sadness and a little bit of worry. This is mortality knocking at my door and he’s holding a list of what-ifs a mile long and I can’t help opening the door. I’m starting to understand the instinct to make memories pretty, but there aren’t too many to choose from and none too particularly poignant. I want to be able to say we were closer than close but the truth is I barely thought about her over the past three years. And I’d be lying if I said I wished I could go back and we’d be friends because I don’t regret a single decision so far. But what I can say is that I did like her and I thought that she was smart and funny and she was nice enough to me. She cheered up a couple of boring tournaments. I respected her, which was rare for me in high school. I wish so badly that I could go to the visitation, to the funeral and be with those who actually get it. R.I.P. Melinda.

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The Process

This morning at 12:07 I was boarding the shuttle on my way to work. I get a phone call from my best friend and she tells me that the first of us – the class of 2005 died in a car wreck last night while driving on a road I’ve driven on a thousand times. Melinda Allen wasn’t a good friend of mine, we didn’t talk much in high school, but all the same, I feel lost. I was never particularly close to anyone in my high school class, but now I feel an indescribable closeness to them. Maybe it’s just because I’m so far away from these people – the only ones who feel like I feel right now. She is the first of us and it feels so real and so heartbreaking not just because she was born the day before me or because I knew her name. I think it feels so real because I saw her every day for fourteen years (preschool through senior year), she was in my English class (of the same 8 people) for about seven years, and I played volleyball with her for about five years. And after graduation we all split and I never looked back. I never even considered that one of us could die at twenty. And I sure as hell never thought Melinda would be the first of us.

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The Original

Buddy Holly

No one else comes close. Everyone else just seems like a pale imitation.

Seriously. Buddy Holly was the original “geek” rocker. Sure we have:
Rivers Cuomo (Weezer)

Liam Lynch

Forrest Kline (Hellogoodbye)

and even to some extent…

David Crowder

But Holly was the first. In my opinion, Buddy Holly is the reason rock and roll and consequently alternative, punk, ska, emo, basically any kind of “rock” exists at all. The only reason we’re able to change it and make new rock music is because Buddy Holly gave us the standard. So thanks for being so awesome, Buddy Holly and playing some sweet tunes (and wearing those rockin glasses).

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The Inevitable

question that happened to be realized today during chapel while he was talking about robots. The question is not am I a writer or even will I succeed as a writer. The question is: what kind of writer will I be? Will I choose to take the easy route as Liam said and write only when I am depressed? Or will I challenge myself to write when I am happy? Will I try to change the world or change myself, or both? Do I dare to be satisfied with my choices and be glad of who I am even as I am changing into a different person every day?

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Hello all! For the past couple of days I’ve been watching Liam Lynch’s podcast called Lynchland, and it is AMAZING. For those who don’t know, Liam Lynch made a puppet show for MTV a few years back named Sifl and Olly. He is a musician and writes a lot of songs to accompany his cartoons and other segments. He was even hand-picked by Paul McCartney to study music in Liverpool. He is also a director and works on a lot of music videos and directed the Tenacious D movie The Pick of Destiny. He’s also a self-proclaimed nerd which just makes him even more awesome in my opinion. If Liam doesn’t sound familiar, you also may know him from his song United States of Whatever (video below) or from his animation for Dan Deacon’s Drinking out of Cups. You can watch his podcasts on his website or suscribe to it through iTunes. For further reasons why Liam is so awesome: every other podcast is completely devoted to answering questions that people send him concerning his podcast, and they aren’t lame or easy to answer either, a lot of them are concerning the kind of equipment he uses or asking advice about how to get started in film editing, etc and Liam gives super detailed answers and solid advice. Plus he’s friends with George Harrison’s son Dhani, who did a duet with him on his podcast.

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Dance, Dance

I listen to a lot of music that features a lot of guitar and piano. I adore guitars – they’re actually my favorite instrument to listen to. Like most people I usually notice the guitarists and lead singers in a band. I rarely recognize the drummer, and if I do it’s just process of elimination. It is rare for me to really notice a drummer. This being said I adore Nate Young of Anberlin. He is the most high energy drummer I’ve ever seen in my life. I first fell in love with Nate’s playing at Cornerstone ’06 when he filled in as drummer for the band “Lakes” (the lead singer from Watashi Wa). It was a surprise for me to have him there at all, I was just there to see Seth Roberts (of Watashi Wa) and out comes this skinny guy with hair all over the place and a hoodie on (I don’t know how he didn’t die from the heat!) who turns out to be the drummer from Anberlin. I didn’t think too much about it, but then he started playing, and I was caught. His energy was so contagious, I wanted to dance! (Which is really saying something because I don’t dance too often) After this initial encounter, I met Nate at an Anberlin meet and greet and he was really nice and humored me while I gushed about how amazing he was at the Lakes show. If doubt his intensity, I posted a video that shows him playing (near-ish the end).

Also, I’m kind of in love with his hair. At least it’s not bleach-blonde anymore.
nate2.jpg nate.jpg

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