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There are certain products that I seem cursed to buy much too frequently. It doesn’t seem to matter if I buy the more expensive version or the cheap stuff, it always ends the same. I lose it, break it, or it just wears out super quickly. 

The most troublesome of products that I inevitably seem to need are headphones. I have the worst luck with headphones.  Here follows my disasterous luck with headphones over the course of three years. Last year I bought a new pair of headphones before coming to school because the pair I had used freshman year only worked sometimes. These worked for maybe a month or two before these too only worked marginally. They still worked, but I had to twist the plug around until it worked and then put a pen underneath it so that it wouldn’t move. When I went to England this fall I used an old pair of headphones that were fine aside from the fact that the cushions on the earpieces were disintegrating, so I replaced those and left. On the plane going overseas one of the earpieces broke off. Ugh. I bought duct tape and fixed them. Later on in the trip the other side broke off too. I taped that side too, and that lasted for a long time until the cushions started disintegrating again. Ugh. A few weeks ago I finally caved and purchased a new pair of headphones. Today I bought another pair because two days ago the headphones I had bought broke.

Total number of busted headphones: 4-5 (in three years)

I have high hopes for my new pair – they’re foldable, so hopefully they won’t break. Plus the cord is thicker than the last pair.

Maybe I should just make a bunch of mix tapes and invest in a boombox. That way I could delight people with my genius music taste and everyone I encounter will be like, “OMG that chick has amazing taste in music I MUST inquire as to the source of that sweet sounding indie/rock band.” Then I’d never have to buy another pair of headphones.


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Love, Love, Love

The Beatles said “all you need is love”
I think it takes more than that,
But it’s a good start, though

Love is how the world grows.
Sometimes, I think that the word love gets overused. I think that someone should create the English equivalent of the Greek words for love. Why is it that they get eros, philia, agape, storge and all we get is ‘love’? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to let someone know how it is that you feel if we could say in one word “I love you very deeply as a friend.” I also feel like it would be so amazing for people if they could use words like these to demonstrate how they feel beyond the limitation of a religious context, which agape tends to get pegged into. Agape means so much more than what we limit it to. I feel like so much would be clearer, including the Bible if we could convey the different meanings of love with single words.

Also, as silly as it may sound, I think that wikipedia makes me think more than I would expect. Just a second ago on a whim I went to the wikipedia entry for love. It’s strange to read so many different views of one word all rolled up into one continuous article written in objective terms. Strange, but informative.


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Not that I think that Neil Cicierega needs any help gaining fans, but he has a certain knack for cheering me up in a Liam Lynch kind of way. Neil is the creator of the Potter Puppet Pals for those of you who like that sort of thing and has been making youtube videos since who knows when. He also has a band called Lemon Demon. I haven’t listened to a ton of his Lemon Demon stuff, but the few songs that I’ve heard have been really funny and clever. My favorite is Knife Fight which you can listen to here on Lemon Demon’s myspace. My friend Tiffany says it reminds her of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song, but I’ll let you guys be the judge. Neil also has a song and video called Word Disassociation, a song which pretty much makes my head explode every time I hear/try to learn the words of it.

This is probably Neil’s most popular Potter Puppet Pals video: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

This is the Lemon Demon song Word Disassociation


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What a curious thing we have created with the internet. With a few clicks and the typing of a passord we can view information about millions of people around the world. Like most, I love the internet. I can satisfy my curiosities about almost anything just by typing it in google. I can resolve movie arguments in mere seconds with imdb. With facebook I know who is friends with who, what music they listen to, favorite movies, even quotes from their friends. I have “friends” on facebook who I’ve never even properly met! I often have to remind myself that I DON’T know someone. I have this problem to a lesser degree on myspace, too. I’m a little lost as to what to do about it. Do I simply go on trying to make friends with people who I don’t actually know? The issue is not that I am making friends online, because these are all tangible people who I’ve seen or pseudo met through mutual friends, not some random crazy people under assumed names. The issue is that I find myself unsure of what I can say when I actually see and meet these people in person. If I mention some blog from three months ago does that sound weird? If they mention some occurance that I know about through someone else’s wall do I pretend not to know about it? If I stumble upon their number and later need to call them, should I go through the regular channels anyway?

I’m unsure what the proper way to use internet information is. Most of the time I just follow the same rules that I use for bands I like.
1. Don’t geek out
2. Don’t mention obscure information
3. Pretend that I’m normal
4. Don’t ask local bands for autographs if I’m the same age (not sure how that applies, but moving on)
5. Act surprised if they tell me something I already know
6. Don’t act like I’m good friends with them unless I actually am

Most of the time I end up breaking every one of these rules. But then, who actually knows what the rules should be anyway?

Be safe Kiddies!

Ps. There might be some new poetry up soon. Maybe.

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Why am I always jealous of other people’s friends? Is it just impossible for me to appreciate the friends I have? Ugh. I frustrate myself. Otherwise, I’ve been writing a lot, which is fabulous, and reading too much which is un-fabulous. I’m also trying to remember that 1+1=1 and I only equal about 1/2-3/4 which is close but no cigar.

Keep on Truckin’

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Learn to play and sing “So do I love you”
Go to a lot of shows
Write a lot
Send said writings to publishers
Write a song

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April Foolz

I always seem to forget that April 1 is April Fools Day. Yet every year I unconsciously stumble onto The Leaky Cauldron or Mugglenet and am instantly reminded. I adore their ability to refrain from posting any real news for 24 hours. Two years ago the two sites redirected traffic from both sites to a joint site, claiming that the webmasters of the sites had gotten married and decided to combine the websites. This year Leaky’s claiming that Harry and the Potters have broken up and that Sybill Trelawny is their new editor while Mugglenet seems to have turned into a wizarding world tabloid.

I love April Fools Day 🙂

Also: Bradley Hathaway tonight! Wooooot!

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