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Fatty McFatterson

I’ve been thinking a lot about fat lately, though probably not in the way you may think. Before you even consider asking: No, I’m not planning on going on any diets any time soon. I’ve been thinking about how ridiculous it is to assume that fat = unhealthy and thin = healthy. I’ve known a fair amount of uber-thin people who eat nothing but loads of junk and I know “fat” people who eat a lot healthier and exercise more. But, “fat kills!” right? Well sure it can, but being too thin can kill too. What I’m trying to get at here is that “fat” doesn’t have to mean: ugly, lazy, unhealthy, etc.

Since I’ve started to think about fat I’ve been noticing a lot more sites that agree with my ideas of how beautiful “fat” people, specifically women, are. So here are some of the sites I’ve been going to that I highly recommend if you’re tired of “fat” women being regarded as anything (and everything) other than gorgeous.
Eat a Cheesburger – I love this site because it was kind of my gateway drug to awesome fat women. I really like their Rules too.
Fat Rant – Joy Nash’s Blog. I think Joy Nash is hilarious, beautiful and just all around great. She also posts a lot of links and videos to other wonderful and amazing fat women. She makes videos, too and as far as I’m concerned she’s on the same level as the Liams when it comes to comedy.

Ps. Here is a link to a great story* that I stumbled on to today.

Pps. Here is the video for Joy Nash’s Fat Rant



*Note: I’ve never looked at anything other than this story on this website so I can’t say I’m recommending this website, I just thought it was a good story.


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Liam Lynch put up the latest Viewer Mail episode of Lynchland today! At the beginning of the episode, Liam talks to his sister Jennifer Robbins about her podcast and other internet ventures. He then progressed to talking about his new digital albums, We’re all Nighters and Get Up On the Raft, which are available on Amazon and iTunes. I don’t have them yet, but there are several songs from Get Up On the Raft that are on Episode 19 (the all music episode). He also mentioned that he is planning to make another all music episode. All of this probably seems pretty boring if you don’t watch Lynchland, BUT bear with me here.

After all the introductory news, etc, Liam finally got to the email questions, and he answered my question!!!!

A couple months ago when I started watching Lynchland I sent Liam an email telling him how much I liked the podcast, etc and attached a question at the end. Here is my question:

You have so many costumes. Where do you get them all? Is it all just stuff you have acquired through the years or do you go buy it when you think of an idea for an episode?

To see his answer, check out Viewer Mail Episode 10. You can get it through iTunes (search for Lynchland in podcasts) or on Liam’s website under the Podcast tab. Also, check out Jennifer Robbins’ podcast, Cooking with Rockstars. The title is pretty self-explainatory, she interviews rockstars about their favorite recipes.
Some of the artists she has interviewed are:
*Spoon (Britt Daniel)
*Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service)
*Jack Black
*Rufus Wainwright
*Rilo Kiley
*Iron and Wine

Jen Robbins links
Cooking With Rockstars
Cooking with Rockstars myspace

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Just some fun videos for an un-fun finals weeks, enjoy!

Daft Hands: The original

Kanye Hands: The response


I’m fond of Barats and Bereta’s response, myself.

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While I was taking a break from my stack of paper assignments I stumbled upon this entry from Neil Cicierega’s blog.

1:27 AM × March 18th 2008

Aesthetically and philosophically speaking, I don’t like sunglasses. Why would you hide the most human part of your face?

96 objects ~ Let’s tango!

I don’t like sunglasses either. But I think it’s mostly just because along with headphones I tend to break/lose them very soon after I buy them.

Plus they look and feel crooked on my face. Who wants to walk around feeling like they have uneven ears? Not me.

Even beyond those reasons, I still don’t like sunglasses. Like Neil says,

Why cover up the most human part of your face?

I only wear them to keep from burning my retinas when I’m trying to drive during the day.

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I used to watch a lot more TV when I was in high school. The summer after (I think) my Junior year I mostly watched ABC family shows like Switched and The Brendan Leonard Show.

The Brendan Leonard Show (or BLS) was a show made completely by Brendan Leonard, a nineteen year old from Winetka, IL. Everything from the camera work, sound, and editing to acting and writing was done by Brendan, his family, and his friends. Of course, Brendan and his friends had been making their own cable access show since they were fifteen. 

A big chunk of why I loved this show was the music. Every day, Brendan would have a new “Band of the Day.” Some of the bands the show turned me on to were: Minus the Bear, Les Savy Fav, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, The Magic Magicians, The Oranges Band, and Built to Spill.

The show itself was mostly sketch, with some exceptions when the cast went on trips or the two episodes that were recorded on only one take. Sadly, the show only lasted for that one summer. If you want to get just a taste of the awesomeness that was BLS have a gander at the video below.

Some might recall this video that I had up on my myspace for awhile featuring Brendan and Kevin Carlson, and I know that anyone in college will likely be able to relate.

This wasn’t from the show itself, but it features Kevin Carlson, Kevin Sheehan, and Brendan from the show.

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Dance Dance Fever

I’m kind of picky about the movies I see. I’m not much for stuff like Old School or Superbad. Storylines revolving around some geeky guys trying to get laid just doesn’t spell entertainment for me. I love old movies, like 12 Angry Men or Rear Window. The suspense was better and the gore was pretty minimal unless you moved into the slasher film genre, and even then there were movies like  American Werewolf in London that are just hilarious.

All this aside, I LOVE the super cheesy movies from the 80’s and 90’s. They’re just awful – the plotlines are just bad, the dialogue is poorly written. They are pretty much the most ridiculous movies ever, but I love them for it. I just can’t resist the angst that ensues when a 16 year old is told she can’t enter a dance contest because she’s too young to be out in Chicago by herself at night (to rehearse). How can you not love the idea of all angst-y teen issues being solved by dancing on TV?

Cheesy 80’s movies I can’t help loving:
*Girls Just want to Have Fun
*Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
*Better Off Dead
*Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
*Teen Witch
*Summer School

I bask in the grungy yet flourescent corny-ness of it all.

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For the past year I’ve been collecting episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark. That show is so creepy, I still get freaked out if I watch it too late at night. I seriously adore this show with it’s ghosts, ghouls, and creepy clowns. All the stories were so weird and even gruesome. I loved how some of the stories didn’t even have completely happy endings or seemed as though they weren’t completely over yet. The original incarnation  of the show was on for five seasons and every once in awhile you can spot some well known actors in the early days of their careers like Joanna Garcia who plays Cheyenne on the show Reba, Venessa Lengies from American Dreams and the movie Stick It, along with established actors like Charles Dutton.

Maybe I sound stuck in the past here, but I can’t help but love the shows I watched when I was a kid. Shows like Pete and Pete that are a far cry from shows like Hanna Montana or Zoey 101. Pete and Pete was like a battle cry for the crazy and weird kids. Not like the shows they have now where they try to pass off fashionable and attractive kids as “unpopular.” Silly, and I don’t buy it. I loved seeing a show be about a short, chubby redhead, his similarly named older brother and Artie, “the strongest man in the world,” along with their various enemies like Endless Mike and Papercut. I know I sound like one of those people who live in the past without caring what’s happening now. Don’t get me wrong, I watch some new stuff like The Office, but…

I can’t help but miss the days when the freaks ruled the world. :^/

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