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Sometimes, I don’t know why I bother with myspace. When I first joined myspace there was a thrill that accompanied each logging in – would I have a new message, a friend request, or most exciting of all, a comment? Every letter of my password that I typed made my fingers twitch in anticipation of those miniature icons flashing on my homepage.

I don’t use myspace much anymore. Profiles clogged with quiz results and complicated background codes slowed down my computer so much that the thrill of a new comment turn to dread when I remembered that the sender would expect a reply that would take ages to send by the time my computer loaded their convoluted page.

Mostly I just use myspace to preview new bands that I’ve come across. So when I get new friend requests I generally consider it an annoyance since most of the “people” who add me are just spam profiles trying to get me to go to some porn site. But every once in awhile I get a message like this in my friend requests.

what it do, this is ya boy Killa K comin thru askin ya to come peep out tha new tracks and leave a comment wit ya feedback, thanks 4 tha support.

Thanks for the laugh, Killa K, I sure needed it. ūüėČ


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Cornerstone 2008

I’m really late in posting anything Cornerstone related. I have no excuse prepared, and I’m sure no one is all that interested anyway, but for those who want to get a taste of my Cornerstone experience this year, you can head on over to facebook and view my photos from the week, or you can watch the playlist below.

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The Boosh

As I was watching Nevermind the Buzzcocks, I wasn’t all that interested in the show itself. I was more interested in finding out who the heck Noel Fielding was. I soon found out that Noel is part of a comedy act called The Mighty Boosh with Julian Barratt.

The Mighty Boosh is the most amazingly strange and surreal show I’ve ever seen. The Mighty Boosh is comprised of Julian and Noel as Howard Moon and Vince Noir, Mike Fielding (Noel’s brother) as Naboo the shaman, Dave Brown as Bollo the gorilla, and Rich Fulcher as Bob Fossil (and other various characters). In series one, Howard and Vince work in a zoo run by Bob Fossil where each episode begins and ends. Much of the episode is spent in various places such as monkey hell and the arctic tundra while interacting with strange characters like the spirit of jazz and the hitcher (an entirely green man with a polo for an eye and an enormous thumb). Naboo runs a souvenier stand and offers advice of varying usefulness. Series two shows Howard and Vince¬†no longer at the zoo and living with Naboo and Bollo in a flat in Dalston, and series three centered around¬†Naboo’s Nabootique located below the flat.

I’m really finding it¬†impossible to describe¬†The Boosh¬†any more clearly so I’ll just leave you with some clips that will hopefully explain it a bit better.

Various clips

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After watching QI for awhile I did a search for “Alan Davies” on youtube just to see if there was any stand up that I could watch. Instead what I got was Never Mind the Buzzcocks, which is another quiz show, only instead of just comedians they have celebrities, not quite celebrities, musicians and no longer all that famous ‘celebrities’. The show is hosted by Simon Amstell and features team captains Phil Jupitus and Bill Bailey who are also often featured on QI.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks is comparable to QI in the way that they often get distracted from the questions by random trains of thought and fits of giggles. There was one episode where a guest walked off because he felt insulted or something and they replaced him with a random audience member, which really is quite wonderful because it’s not as if it’s televised live or anything, they probably could have found a replacement. I’ve mostly just watched episodes from seasons 20 and 21, my favorites mainly being the episode with alan davies (s20e1) and episodes with Noel Fielding, who was a guest in season 20 (e2) and a fill in team captain for three episodes in season 21 (e 2-4).

Probably the best part of this show is the way all of the guests get mercilessly ridiculed by Simon Amstell and they make fun of him right back.

Here is one of my favorite clips with Noel Fielding

This is a clip from the episode where guest Preston walked off the show

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