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Remember The Mighty Boosh? Well here’s a video featuring them (mostly Noel but Julian is there, too)
The song is called Blue Song by Mint Royale, hope you like it!


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Joan of Arcadia

Because I am not good at summer, I’ve been creating my own marathons. This is also because I can’t seem to follow TV shows from week to week, so the summer + youtube seemed like a good way to catch up on the shows that I wanted to watch but never got around to. This week is Joan of Arcadia, which I started watching when it first came on, but only watched the first couple of episodes. Right now I’m about 3/4 of the way through the first season and even though it’s loaded with angst like most TV dramas I like it. What I like is that here is a show that assumes that God exists and that he is involved with and cares about every tiny mundane detail of our lives. That he walks around and talks to us, making suggestions and guiding us, but never demanding anything. I love that God appears to Joan in so many different forms including goth kid, a cute guy, a little girl and a lunch lady. I think that what this show is capable of doing is questioning the image people have of God. God isn’t just some white, bearded, Zeus type character who sits up in the clouds all day. He is everything, he is in everything. He isn’t just in the clean cut churchgoers, he’s also in the grungy, pierced, tatooed citizens of the world. He is unlimited, undefined. Why are we always trying to confine him?

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As some (or all) of you may know, I am a hardcore Harry Potter fan. Probably bordering on obsessive. So you can imagine my chagrin when today I learned that the new movie, The Half Blood Prince, which I was super psyched about since the trailer came out-has been moved from November to July. Ugh. What the heck kind of a cruel thing is that to do?

Apparently the studio is under the delusion that they will sell more tickets if the movie premieres in July because then younger audiences (who would be out of school for the summer) would go see it. Newsflash: the HP fandom is so huge and insane it doesn’t matter. The vast majority would go to the midnight showing no matter when it premiered.

Ordinarily I really wouldn’t care when it came out, but honestly, who goes and tells a crazed fandom that a movie is coming out in November and then come August changes the date to July? That just makes a lot of angry and disappointed fans. I feel like a little kid who’s parents promised her a shiny new bike but got a  rusty tricycle instead. Bummer.

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A youtube conversation (in the comments of The Sword in the Stone):

marinaliteyears (3 weeks ago) 
That frog makes me laughXD but, I never understood why he kept on messing with Arthur.>.>
MightBiteYa (1 week ago) 
Because frogs are dicks!

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