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Twilight Angst

I like romance. I’ve read Twilight, I’ll probably watch the movie. I like the feeling of affirmation I get from a fluffy movie where the guy gets the girl and vice versa, but there is something about this new “romantic” francise that chills me to my very bones. Even when I was reading Twilight, there was something that kept bugging me.

All Bella and Edward ever seem to talk about is each other. Doesn’t Bella have any other interests other than Edward? Apparently not, since when he leaves she collapses into a formless lump of putty until he comes back. The feminist in me doesn’t know whether to cry or find something to hit. Then today I saw this article on yahoo. Here is a quote:

It’s the most insanely romantic film since ‘ The Notebook ,'” said Harry Medved, a spokesman for Fandango.com, who described Pattinson’s Edward Cullen as “the ideal boyfriend. … He’s incredibly strong, superfast, impossibly handsome, he plays the piano and all he cares about is what’s on her mind.

Ahh! No! That is nowhere near my ideal! I understand that there is a big chunk of the female (possibly male?) population that considers this their ideal, but he is not the ideal. I do not consider “all he cares about is what’s on her mind” to be ideal. A guy should be able to have his own passions and interests. I do not want to be worshiped. I do not want someone who will agree with everything I say. I want someone who challenges me and considers me his equal.

To be honest, I find Edward to be a bit annoying and smothering. Surely there must be some non-fangirls out there who agree.



Oh well. I’ll live.


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BMI is Bullshit

BMI or Body Mass Index is widely used to determine if someone is underweight, normal, obese, etc. Basically, BMI takes your weight and your height and nothing else and uses that to determine how fat you are as a basis of how “healthy” you are. The thing is, it doesn’t take into consideration muscle mass (which weighs much more than fat), or the plethora of other risk factors that have to do with health issues like heart problems or high cholesterol.* 

When I was a kid, BMI was always the first order of business in school. Throughout junior high and high school, I was always stuck in the “obese” category, despite being on the volleyball team and walking home from school every day. As a pseudo-shy kid who already had to endure endless jokes about being short, I definitely didn’t need another reason to be dissatisfied with my body. I don’t care what all those scary news items say about how “morbid obesity is rampant among today’s youth” no kid should have to feel like their “too fat” to do what they want to do or be what they want to be. If you’re oh-so-concerned about your kid being unhealthy or lazy, take them to the park, get involved with them, make a vegetarian quesadilla or something, but don’t you dare call your kid fat as some twisted incentive to get them to go on a diet. Change your family’s diet, sure, include a couple more veggies in tonights soup. Make sure your family is healthy by all means, but if your kid is healthy and still fat, it’s not the end of the world.

Don’t try to guilt-trip them into thinking they are somehow lesser than the “thinner” kid down the street. 

Tell your girls that they are beautiful, tell your boys that they are quite handsome young lads, and really mean it. Then go and look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful or quite handsome and really mean it, because the way that you look at yourself is going to be reflected in the way that your kids look at themselves as they grow.


*Go here to see an interesting slideshow about BMI.

Ps: I just found this link.

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Some pictures and video from the Tour de Nerdfighting event last night at Metropolitan State U. in St. Paul. I don’t have as much as I would usually have because my memory card was almost full and about midway through I ran out of battery,  but I’m sure someone taped the whole thing and will post it on youtube(*cough* John and Hank *cough*).

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Tonight I went to Metropolitan State U. in St. Paul to witness the last stop on the Tour de Nerdfighting.

I think that the best part of the night was just how awesomely chill and un-famous John and Hank Green are. Before the actual event started I saw John chatting with some people so after working myself up a little I made my approach and asked John to sign my book. While doing so, we chatted a little bit and another nerdfighter came up and John complimented her on her haiku shirt, and I really loved that. They are just these awesome and rather nerdy guys who make fun vlogs where they are just themselves chatting to each other.

I find that as I get older, this sort of thing seems to be happening more and more. I don’t want to be a fan of someone as much as have really awesome/creative friends.

But if I’m going to be a “fan” of anyone right now, I’d rather be a fan of a couple of guys who I could conceivably be friends with than some crazy-famous actor or something.

Check out John and Hank’s youtube here and their website here.
You can also check out John’s website or Hank’s website.

Best Wishes!

P.s. Video and the few pictures that I got before my camera died coming tomorrow.
P.p.s. DFTBA!

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Two new poems up in the Writings section, so check it out!

Make sure to leave comments!

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Recently I’ve been getting into watching vlogs on youtube, and I found a couple that I liked, but wasn’t really finding anything particularly good, until I stumbled upon John and Hank Green. John and Hank are brothers who set up a youtube account so that they could do an experiment. They decided to stop all forms of text-based communication and only communicate through video blogs (vlogs) which they would make every day for an entire year. They named the experiment Brotherhood 2.0 and it was through this that they established Nerdfighters.

As described by John Green: A nerdfighter is someone who is not made of blood and tissues, but is made entirely of awesome.

Some of the awesome things that came about because of Brotherhood 2.0: Nerdfighters, the Evil Baby Orphanage, and the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck (which is used to raise money for various worthy causes)

I haven’t been this excited about something since I discovered the Harry Potter books, which is saying something because I’ve been looking for something to fill up that ginormous Potter-shaped hole in the obsession part of my brain since I finished Deathly Hallows. I have also started to post responses on My Pants (the Nerdfighter forums) which is insane because I haven’t had any desire to post on a forum since I was in junior high/9th grade.

The Nerdfighters rock my face. Fo real.

Ps. I’m an English Literature Nerdfighter. [insert happy dance here]

Pps. John Green is a writer and so you should go buy his books: Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska, and An Abundance of Katherines. Also, you should check out Hank’s website, EcoGeek, especially if you care about being awesome by saving the planet.

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I meant to blog about this a few days ago, but I have recently discovered the awesome-ness of Nerdfighters. What are Nerdfighters? A completely different post from this one will emerge soon to explain.

This post is about how Eve and I went to see David Crowder Band last Thursday. The concert was amazing as I assumed that it would be and besides the obvious reason (the music) here’s why: David Crowder has a lime green keytar, and also a Guitar Hero controller that actually makes sounds including the coin-gathering noise that those question mark boxes from the original Super Mario game make when you hit them several times.

David Crowder did not forget to be awesome. Here are some pictures and the crappy video I took.

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