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Today I was wandering around youtube, like I tend to do, and I ran across this video

Obviously, it is very important that these kids get adopted by someone in the long-term. So after I watched the video I went straight to the article to see if by some stretch they actually talked about the man’s actual rather than implied health status and lo and behold they did. Here’s what the man in question, Damien Hall had to say:

I’m not a couch potato and I don’t sit eating takeaways every night. I just feel as though we were only judged on my weight and not all the other good things about us. We don’t drink or smoke and we could give a child a safe and happy home. I’m 24.5 stone, that’s what it eventually comes down to. Everything stops because of one element.

His wife had this to say:

We had an inkling they’d say something about weight – but to be turned down flatly just on that, it’s just harsh. My husband has a full-time job and is very active. He walks our dog at least twice a day and doesn’t feel unfit or unwell.

I think that it is ridiculous that they are turning this couple down because of potential health problems in the future. Anyone can get sick somewhere down the road and there are a lot of people out there who “look healthy”  who have terrible problems with their health.

What do you guys think? Join the discussion here or in the comments of Jazza’s video.


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Yay! Are you guys as excited about this as I am?

Here’s a link to the article from my (sort-of) local paper.

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So today John Green posted a video about some of the difficulties that are going on in the book publishing industry right now. As a writer, I find this a little worrying.

What I find so troubling is not the thought that it might be more difficult for me to get published, it is the idea that there are people out there who honestly think that print books will end up completely obsolete, or that the e-book is the solution to all the industry’s problems.

For those who are unaware, some time ago, Amazon came out with the Kindle, which is pretty much an iPod for books. I think this is a terrible idea. I don’t want to read an entire book on some little screen, or even on my computer. My eyes are terrible enough as it is and I spend enough time staring at the computer.

I also find it very troubling that someone posted this in the comments of John’s video:

IdleGod (3 hours ago)
Books are dead and dying. All they are is text in an non portable format. If books became available online, via a subscription type service, like Netflix, then perhaps more books would be read. I know I won’t buy any novels because they just cost too much when I can get a movie for a fraction of the cost, that has a much higher production value that I can share with my friends. You cannot share books, or rather, the experience of reading the book. Books only lend well for individual endeavors.
LittleMissLilxox (3 hours ago)
Haven’t you ever read F451? There whole world changed because people stopped reading books, so people stopped thinking, or freely thinking anyways. Books help are imagination to grow and they inspire TONS of thoughts. Movies give you that picture so you don’t get to imagine and create it, and yes I love my movies, but nothing would ever beat books.
IdleGod (3 hours ago)
Just because a book says so, doesn’t mean things will turn out the way it predicts. Especially works of fiction. Informative books are significantly more important then fiction. However, reading those is getting less important as information is much more easily gathered via the internet. You can find alternate opinions, as well as all scientific papers, within seconds. No longer do you need to purchase any books, or spend hours researching, as we have the technology to take away that time.

Edit: I find it very disturbing that this person seems to think that “informative books are significantly more important than fiction.” IMHO, works of fiction are as important, if not more important than “informative books”. Fiction gives us a way to understand the world through someone else’s view. They explain the world in a way that we can understand – through stories. The purpose of fiction is not just to entertain, its purpose is to teach us important truths about ourselves and the world around us, often without us knowing.

Join the discussion here, in the comments of John’s video or elsewhere. It really doesn’t matter where, just discuss it! And buy books!

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Does anyone actually buy anything from Billy Mays? Personally, I find him the most abrasive and annoying man in the infomercial world.

I mean, for real, who wants to be screamed at for 10 minutes?

Who would you buy from?
Billy Mays?

or “Vince”?

Leave your answers in the comments please, I really want to know!

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When John Green posted my video of Hank Green singing “The List” here in St. Paul in November on the last stop of the Tour de Nerdfighting, a video which has jumped from about 45-ish views to 804, which for me is pretty amazing and awesome. You can read John’s post here, you can read my post about the Tour de Nerdfighting here.

I mean, even though he probably only posted my video featuring the song (out of all the versions available on youtube) was probably only because it was the last night of the tour, it’s still really exciting because there’s always the slight possibility that someone will be like, “Hey, who posted this quality video of Hank singing? I’m going to read her blog!” Slight, but you never know.

Gosh, I haven’ t been this excited since Liam Lynch answered my question on Lynchland.  

Also, I just finished my first book of 2009, so check it out on the list!

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New Stuff

I’ve posted a few essays that I wrote last year in the Stories/Essays section. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some new short stories soon.

In other news, I need a haircut…

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2009 Approaches

It is New Year’s Eve, my lovelies and so I thought I would share what I accomplished from last year’s list and my list for 2009.

Goal: Learn to play and sing “So do I love you”
Pseudo achieved! I didn’t learn “So do I love you” but I did learn how to play “Dakota” (but I can’t quite sing it yet).
Goal: Go to a lot of shows
I’m sorry to say that I really didn’t go to as many shows as I would have liked  in 2008,  but I still went to quite a few.
Goal: Write a lot
I did write a lot, but it was mostly poetry. However, I am currently working on a story.
Goal: Send said writings to publishers
Epic fail, I am sorry to say
Goal: Write a song
Another epic fail.
Goal: Travel
I traveled a little, poked around Iowa looking for the Matchstick Museum and giant ears of corn with my mom, but that was about it.

The New Shiny List for 2009!

Write short stories/a book
Send something out (for goodness sake)
Read 100 books (I like to aim for the absurdly impossible goals)
Drink 0 Pepsi after graduation
Write more blogs!


Ps. What is everyone doing for New Year’s Eve?

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