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So it’s been obsenely long since I blogged about anything, and today seemed as good a day as any.

I am currently sitting in my room listening to Julia Nunes, who by the way is a fantastic musician who you should listen to as soon as possible. In fact, I’ll even make it easier for the lazy people:

Anyway, I’m sitting in my room, but I’m about to leave and go to the grocery store, in the RAIN, just because I can. I’ve been kind of in a funk lately, but after an impromtu trip up to the cities to retrieve the last of the pottery that I made my last semester, and the fact that the weather has turned distintly fall-ish, has drastically improved my mood.

In other news, I moved to Des Moines, IA about a month ago to look for jobs. Things are still pretty up in the air, but I’m hoping to get a job in a bookstore soon.

Well I better get to the grocery store. If anyone is interested, I’ve tried to fill out my book reviews a bit, and I just posted one for A Farewell to Arms. I’m fairly doubtful that I’ll be able to make my goal of getting to 100 books before the New Year, but I’ll keep going on the list until I do get to 100, just to see how long it takes me.


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