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Today was a pretty quiet day, for being such a major holiday. I went to my grandma’s and we ate ham (?). I made peanut butter pie, my aunt made peanut butter pie. My grandma made some corn stuff, my aunt make some corn stuff. I felt kind of bad for my aunt.

My grandma ate pie right out of the pan, which was probably the best part of the dinner, especially when she put the pan back down as soon as we grabbed our cameras.

There weren’t very many of us this year. Only about fifteen of us when there used to be at least twice as many people all packed into my grandma’s tiny house. It seemed too quiet this year. I missed all the noise. I even missed being banished to the living room where I would claim the TV in rebellion, watching A Christmas Story instead of football. I missed playing Hungry Hungry Hippos and harassing all my cousins.

At least I still get to go shopping tomorrow with my sister. Then it’s back to Iowa and work.


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