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Doctor Who

A few years ago, when I was in college, I started watching Doctor Who after a friend showed me a clip while we were waiting to leave for a movie. I started with an episode from Season 4 of the new series and then went back and watched the new series in order from Season 1, Episode 1. Then I found out that there were years of Doctor Who episodes that ran from 1963 to 1989.

I was really excited about this, because I am all about having marathons of TV shows. I rarely like to get involved in TV shows that are still producing new episodes, partly because I HATE suspense, but mostly because I have a hard time retaining the information conveyed in one episode to the next episode unless I am watching the next episode right now. I also have a tendency to forget that a series exists in the few months between seasons.

I quickly settled down to watch the ENTIRE original series, but how? You can find almost anything online eventually, but I really wanted to watch them in order. Fortunately, Netflix has close to every episode of the original series on DVD, even some of the “lost episodes”. Anyone care to share the journey?


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The thing about spam is that it is so obvious that it is spam because it doesn’t make any sense at all. Like this:

I needed to create you a little bit of word to help say thanks a lot yet again relating to the lovely tactics you have contributed on this site. This is so unbelievably open-handed with you giving extensively all a few individuals would have offered for sale for an ebook to make some profit for themselves, precisely now that you might have done it in the event you desired. The things as well worked as the good way to recognize that many people have the identical eagerness just like my very own to understand more and more pertaining to this condition. I am sure there are a lot more pleasurable times ahead for many who scan your blog post.

What? It’s like they just picked random words out of my blog or something. Isn’t the point of spam to trick you into clicking on something or tricking you into reading an advertisement? If it doesn’t make any sense, what is the point?

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Disclaimer: If you haven’t watched Season 3 & 4 of Torchwood, this probably won’t make any sense at all. DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED!

1. Never, ever work for the government. If you are someone’s secretary, you will either be recruited by “the enemy” (which could be the good guys) or killed, or recruited and then killed by the people you used to work for. Even if you have the most lowly job, you are still in danger of being knocked out/killed and your clothes stolen.

2. Trust no one, including a parent or an ally that has previously proven themselves trustworthy. They will allow your child to die a horrible, horrible death or even kill the kid themselves. They will also get you killed or arrested by convincing you that they are truly “the good guys” and that you would be saving the world.

3. Drug companies are trying to destroy your soul. Remember that part in  V for Vendetta? It’s all a conspiracy. Drug companies and the government are conspiring to ruin our lives, but better to let someone handle it if you don’t intend to die soon or be accused of espionage, etc.

4. If something looks interesting, but then disappears the next day, do not continue to investigate the Thing That Looked Interesting because you will probably end up dying quite young in a horrible fashion, OR continuing existence as some kind of sentient undead being still suffering from whatever injury made you dead.

5. Philip Pullman is terrifying, but can never be nearly as horrifying-ly creepy as Kevin Spacey.

6. Having adventures is hard when you can’t fly away in a Tardis afterward.

7. Gwen and Rhys made a damn cute baby.

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No, wait!

Catching up on the last couple of seasons of Torchwood. So there is this scene where they are trying to acquire new equipment and such by swiping people’s wallets, credit cards, etc.

Anyway, so Cpt. Jack steals this guy’s car, and the guy reacts by feebly running after the car and yelling, “Hey, come back, that’s mine!”

Does that ever, actually work? Oh, goodness, the things we say when we are in distress.

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Rather than paving my way back to blogging with explanations and excuses for about two years of silence, I have decided to make my comeback with an explanation of our Bathroom Situation.

The Boyfriend (also referred to as Rob) and I live in a two bedroom apartment with one bathroom. You probably think you know where this is going, but you would be mistaken. At this time I should probably explain that Rob and I are not like most people. We do not wake up in the morning to go to two separate jobs where we work for around 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. We work 4 days a week for roughly 10 hours at the same job, going to work at 10 pm and leaving whenever everything is done or 8 am, because they cannot force us to stay past the time the store opens. Going to work at the same time (two days a week) generally works out for us, since I am pretty good at waking up and he is not. I wake up slightly earlier so that by the time he has dragged himself out of bed, I have already eaten and gotten ready, therefore putting myself out of harm’s way as he grumpily tries to make himself presentable. This is how we get ready for any kind of going out, with me completely dressed and watching TV while he struggles to get ready. It may seem like an inversion of what society deems “normal” but it works for us.

Anyway. The Bathroom Situation.
There are two light switches in our bathroom. One is for a set of five lights above the mirror. The other is for the Heat Lamp. We only use the lights above the mirror because the Heat Lamp heats up the room as its name logically implies, a situation that is completely unacceptable because my body only knows two states of being: comfortable and “oh my god I am going to die because I AM HOT AND NOT COMFORTABLE AT ALL”.

So we use the ones above the mirror. However, only two of these lights work. I am fairly certain that when we started dating two years ago, all of these lights worked, but over the course of our relationship, all of the original bulbs have at some point burned out, and rather than going out and buying new bulbs, The Boyfriend simply scavenged bulbs from other, less frequently used sockets, most notably the one in the hallway which we never, ever use. So at this point we have two working bulbs, bringing us to the actual issue at hand.

The switch that works these bulbs has become possessed. When the switch is flipped, the lights come on, as they should, but when we turn away, the lights go off. They also sometimes stay on until we are in the middle of Important Business and then turn off. At first, this was no big deal. They usually went off when I was doing something that was relatively unimportant like putting up my hair.

Then they went off during my shower when I was in the middle of washing my hair. Fortunately, the Boyfriend was conscious and also within yelling distance and so was able to turn the light back on for me.

At this point The Boyfriend was perfectly happy to go with the second lighting option, the Heat Lamp. This is unacceptable to me because, as I said before, the Heat Lamp is uncomfortably hot and makes me want to die. I think that I am just going to have to practice taking showers in the dark.


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I’m Coming Back!

I haven’t posted in quite some time, but I have decided that it is high time that I got back into the swing of writing. What better way to get started than to start blogging again? Today is a working day so I will have to leave you for now, but I am brimming with ideas. Just you wait.

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