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I want to write something, but what would I write about?

Maybe about how I’m getting married in 8 months
Or how I quit my job right after we decided to get married
Or how my new job is 100x’s better than my old one
Or how I started doing youtube yoga and absolutely love it


How I’m totally obsessed with tumblr, but I would never actually create an account of my own. I made a twitter once, but never used it. My myspace has lain by the wayside, unused for a few years now, and I barely use facebook. All the same, I love seeing what the internet gets up to. I also love youtube, though I could never seem to get the hang of it myself.
Here are some entertaining tumblrs:
     I love Tyler Oakley and everything he posts, except I like Lady Gaga less than he does
     Hank Greeeen. I love him. He is a vlogbrother. Watch his videos, become a nerdfighter
     John Greeeen. I love him just a little more. Also a vlogbrother. Read his books, watch videos
     Do I need to explain Neil Gaiman? He writes wonderful things.
     I have a big crush on Julia because she is beautiful and writes equally beautiful songs.

Also, I mentioned I’m getting married, right?Image
This is my engagement/wedding ring (Obvs)

This is my fiance (did I mention he is super hot?)


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