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I am watching this mini-series called Stephen Fry in America. In a nutshell he travels around all 50 states and does a whole bunch of stuff he had never done before.
It is a bit like a vlog but infinitely more interesting because it is Stephen Fry. It mostly just serves to illustrate that Stephen Fry could do absolutely anything and I would watch it. Everything he says is so insightful and sounds so lovely. He is so good at talking to people and having conversations. I also feel like it is programs like this that help us to see other people more complexly, which I am so horrible at. Stephen Fry is so adorable and lovely. I love him.


Stephen Fry will you please be my boyfriend? My fiance won’t mind.

Or if that is unsuitable, will you please coach me on how to be a better conversationalist?


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I generally try to stay away from politics but the controversy over the contraception mandate is getting ridiculous.

If you have your head up your ass, what happened is that Obama (horrible man that he is) decided that all employers should be required to provide contraceptive care. I think that this is great. However, for some reason, some people have turned this into some kind of religious issue. So Obama said that if a religious institution didn’t like it then they wouldn’t have to pay for the contraceptive services, but the women would still have access to it.

Then, this happened:


A whole panel of MEN came together as “witnesses” regarding something that most heavily concerns the rights and health of WOMEN.

Are we living in the 18th Century or the 21st? This is not a religious issue. This is not about the government trying to control our religious freedoms. This is about women having access to free birth control.

As a woman who uses birth control, I thought this mandate was great, because as expensive and sometimes stressful as it is to be on the pill, it is a thousand times less stressful and expensive as having a kid would be right now. I fully plan on having children within the next couple of years, but I think I have the right to choose when my family begins since I am ultimately the one the decision affects the most.


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Yesterday was Valentines Day.

As a lady, I find it difficult to know just what to get my man for Valentine’s Day. I think it partly has to do with the fact that most of the V-Days that I have actually participated in have been spent with my current boyfriend and he hates getting gifts. But I can’t just get him nothing, because that’s what I’ve gotten him the past two years, and I can’t just get him the same thing every year, I have to shake things up every now and then.

I also have difficulty with the fact that pretty much everything Valentine-related is marketed as things for men to give to women.

Ultimately I got him a variety of fancy nuts because he will happily eat fancy nuts without complaint due to the fact that he loves them but will not buy them for himself.

Upon arriving home, I presented my fiance with his nuts and as I expected he was quite delighted. He then proceeded to inform me that he had gotten me nothing, not even a card. He offered to go to *Walmart* to get me something but I said no, because I really don’t give a shit about Valentine’s Day, especially since I now have a Valentine for life.

He allowed me to think that he hadn’t gotten me anything for about an hour or two before pulling a big bag from the top of my bookcase where he had stealthily hidden my gifts. He did that to me last year too, he is a sneak.

I got a yoga brick and some absolutely delicious Dove chocolates. He is the King of Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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