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It’s been a couple of years dear non-existent readers. It just seems like a good time to come back to this sadly neglected blog and let’s face it – talk about nothing in particular and really just get some practice into easing back into writing.

Made some zucchini crust pizza and salsa this weekend. The veg garden is going quite nicely, though looking a bit too crowded. Have discovered a previously unknown affinity for making fruit pies, though have been waylaid by an overabundance of tomatoes. Still married (anniversary number two in one month!). General feelings of being an Adult, stress, depression, anxiety, worry, etc.

Have several projects in varying states of Not Being Worked On at the moment. Mostly been reading voraciously, (add me on goodreads!) and as always watching lots of youtube (lots of sprinkleofchatter, danisnotonfireamazingphil, alli, and of course thebrainscoop) and also an absurd amount of time on tumblr which I highly recommend if you would like your life to spiral into a dark vortex of internet memes, ships, and OTPs that you only partly understand.

Would be nice if I never had to go to work again but also had unlimited money so that I could just spend all my time on cooking, gardening and craft projects. Alas.

Overall life is lovely, just looking for motivation for DOING.


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