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Feeling a bit nostalgic today, looking back on my 20-year-old self and the things I was excited about 8 (!) years ago is a bit strange. I feel like I was much more adventurous/independent which makes me feel a bit old. Traveling doesn’t hold as much attraction for me anymore, which probably sounds boring. But! I think part of the reason I love traveling so much was partly to do with searching for somewhere to call home. When I was younger, the possibilities were endless. Should I live in the UK? Should I live in Minnesota or Illinois or any of a million other places?

It is surreal how much someone changes throughout a life. I don’t know 12 or 16 or 20 year old me anymore. I spent a lot of time in my late teens and early 20’s looking for home. I was forever in someone else’s home, surrounded by someone else’s life, confined to one room. I own a house now and it is so wonderful. I can put as many holes in the wall as I goddamn please and I can break all the windows if I felt like it. NOT THAT I WOULD, BUT THE OPTION IS NICE, OKAY.

tl;dr: Life is weird, but I still like Doctor Who. Also, I want to get another tattoo.


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