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I read a really frustrating article today written by a man who seemed to think that libraries are easily replaceable by the presence of the internet and as such are completely unnecessary in our current society. I disagree on a whole host of levels, but I’m just going to address the ones that immediately come to mind with a minimal amount of thinking.

Libraries are FREE to use. You don’t have to pay to be a member, you can check out as many books as you like, along with DVDs (movies and shows), Blu-ray, CDs, audio books (sometimes digital AND physical), ebooks, comic books, books in other languages, childrens books, books about gardening, cooking, coin collecting, books about goddamned anything! While it is true that there are several books available for free online, it is actually very few compared to the amount of free and available information that you can obtain at the library.

Contrary to what the writer of this particular article seems to think, the internet is by no means free. Whether you pay through data on your phone or with a router at home, you are paying for the internet. Even if you go to a cafe or restaurant and use their “free” wifi you are paying in a number of ways. You are either using a laptop that cost money, paying for food/coffee (many cafes out there will only provide the password to paying customers) or if you are able to find an internet cafe, you are paying per use. And hard as it is for some to believe (apparently), not everyone can afford a computer in the first place. Nearly all libraries have computers that you can use, get this, FOR FREE. This was invaluable when I was traveling aboad and computers available to use for cheap or free were hard to come by. Every single library we approached allowed us to use their computers for free.

Another resource that I think people tend not to think of is that many libraries have a NOTARY on staff. When I got married and later bought a house I had to have several documents notarized for legal reasons. Whether it was a letter regarding a property I had lived at or when I was trying to change my name on my out of state bank account, having a notary that I could utilize for FREE was a life saver both in terms of time and convenience and above all money.

That’s just the free stuff that I can think of off the top of my head, not to mention services such as printing, copying, and faxing (these often cost a nominal fee).

The library is such an amazing resource and it makes me feel so sad and frustrated for the people who are missing out on so much just because they “don’t read”. The library is so much more than that


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At the moment I have a giant crush on Eddie Vedder that is inching closer and closer to teenage “OH MY GAWD, EDDIE IS SO HAWT” status and I am not even kidding.* This is entirely my boyfriend’s fault. I don’t even think he minds even a little bit, which to me seems like the weirdest part, but according to him, all the ladies love Eddie Vedder.

I should just say up front that I was not always an Eddie fan. Not to say that I disliked Pearl Jam or whatever, but that I was more or less unaware of their existence barring the very few songs that were occasionally played on the radio. When my boyfriend and I started dating two years ago, I quickly found out that he Loved Pearl Jam, to the extent that he gave me a giant stack of cds, almost all of which was Pearl Jam (including the soundtrack for Into the Wild, which Eddie wrote)

A few months after we started dating he took me to the only concert we have ever been to, which I will not go into here, but it was seriously one of the most romantic things we have ever done and involves Pearl Jam, no sleep for 32+ hours and Steak n’ Shake (one of the most delicious 2 am meals I have ever had). In preparation for said concert I listened to nothing but Pearl Jam for weeks. In consequence, I became a Pearl Jam Fan, but I was not yet an Eddie Vedder Fan.

Then Ukulele Songs came out, and oh man I love me some ukulele. That became our wake-up music for a while.

Then Cameron Crowe made this documentary and a massive coffee table book, both called Pearl Jam 20. Because I did not really start noticing Pearl Jam until just now, I had never encountered 1990s Eddie Vedder. I had never experienced the long, luxurious curly hair, or the shorts, or the abs, or the hanging off of rafters.

Also? One of the special features on the PJ20 DVD is a tour of Eddie’s house. I really want his house. Not because it’s Eddie Vedder’s house, but because it is the coolest freaking house. There is a fire pole and cozy little rooms and it just looks comfortable, if that makes any sense.


May I say that he has also aged really well?

Also, also? Can everyone agree that Jeff Ament looked like a total doofus in those hats, and that it was really distracting, and thank god he doesn’t wear those damn things anymore?



*I am kidding.

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So it’s been obsenely long since I blogged about anything, and today seemed as good a day as any.

I am currently sitting in my room listening to Julia Nunes, who by the way is a fantastic musician who you should listen to as soon as possible. In fact, I’ll even make it easier for the lazy people:

Anyway, I’m sitting in my room, but I’m about to leave and go to the grocery store, in the RAIN, just because I can. I’ve been kind of in a funk lately, but after an impromtu trip up to the cities to retrieve the last of the pottery that I made my last semester, and the fact that the weather has turned distintly fall-ish, has drastically improved my mood.

In other news, I moved to Des Moines, IA about a month ago to look for jobs. Things are still pretty up in the air, but I’m hoping to get a job in a bookstore soon.

Well I better get to the grocery store. If anyone is interested, I’ve tried to fill out my book reviews a bit, and I just posted one for A Farewell to Arms. I’m fairly doubtful that I’ll be able to make my goal of getting to 100 books before the New Year, but I’ll keep going on the list until I do get to 100, just to see how long it takes me.

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I meant to blog about this a few days ago, but I have recently discovered the awesome-ness of Nerdfighters. What are Nerdfighters? A completely different post from this one will emerge soon to explain.

This post is about how Eve and I went to see David Crowder Band last Thursday. The concert was amazing as I assumed that it would be and besides the obvious reason (the music) here’s why: David Crowder has a lime green keytar, and also a Guitar Hero controller that actually makes sounds including the coin-gathering noise that those question mark boxes from the original Super Mario game make when you hit them several times.

David Crowder did not forget to be awesome. Here are some pictures and the crappy video I took.

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This is a clip from The Big Fat Quiz of the Year (2007). Thom Yorke from Radiohead asking the panel a question.

I know a few people who absolutely adore Radiohead.

This clip makes me giggle for several minutes every time I watch it.


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So I just noticed that I seem to be updating this site a lot, but not with any news about myself. Most of that has to do with the fact that I am back up at school and therefore incredibly busy (as many of you will know from my “hell week” updates this past week. Just got done with midterms and looking forward to things slowing down a bit. So since things have slowed down a bit, here’s an update on what I’ve been up to!

In between readings for class I’ve been reading a bunch of other things as well so here’s an update of my reading list so far this semester.
Dwelling Places – Vinita Hampton Wright
Last Chance to See – Douglas Adams
The Chocolate War – Robert Cormier

I’ve been writing a lot this semester, so make sure to check the writings section to see the newer poems that I’ve posted. Just to give you a taste, here is my favorite. Don’t forget to leave lots of comments!


I think that I
Am beginning to like my thighs-

Their thickness and weight.
The way pale white
Gives way to brown.
The deep purple-red
Of stretchmarks
Faded with time

I love the way
Their soft plumpness
Encourages caress.
The way
My mesh shorts
Swish across them
With every step.
The comfortable tension
Of jeans stretched over them.

Also, you can now follow me on twitter if you so desire, though I’m not sure why you would want to. But if you feel so led, head on over to my twitter profile.

Movies: Don’t forget to check out the film commetary blog that I started with my friend Tiffany, we updated a lot last week, so check it out! Some of the movies we’ve covered so far:
*There Will Be Blood
*No Country for Old Men
*Mamma Mia
*Lars and the Real Girl
*Being John Malkovich

Youtube: I’ve been posting videos pretty regularly, so I don’t have as much to update, but I still have a couple of videos for you guys.

A horror movie cut of the Mary Poppins trailer

And the ever addictive Neil Cicierega

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Been listening to Robots in Disguise lately. These are my favorite two.

The Tears

Turn It Up

Check out their website and/or their myspace, as their other songs are rather catchy as well.

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