I generally try to stay away from politics but the controversy over the contraception mandate is getting ridiculous.

If you have your head up your ass, what happened is that Obama (horrible man that he is) decided that all employers should be required to provide contraceptive care. I think that this is great. However, for some reason, some people have turned this into some kind of religious issue. So Obama said that if a religious institution didn’t like it then they wouldn’t have to pay for the contraceptive services, but the women would still have access to it.

Then, this happened:


A whole panel of MEN came together as “witnesses” regarding something that most heavily concerns the rights and health of WOMEN.

Are we living in the 18th Century or the 21st? This is not a religious issue. This is not about the government trying to control our religious freedoms. This is about women having access to free birth control.

As a woman who uses birth control, I thought this mandate was great, because as expensive and sometimes stressful as it is to be on the pill, it is a thousand times less stressful and expensive as having a kid would be right now. I fully plan on having children within the next couple of years, but I think I have the right to choose when my family begins since I am ultimately the one the decision affects the most.



My Fiance is a Sneak

Yesterday was Valentines Day.

As a lady, I find it difficult to know just what to get my man for Valentine’s Day. I think it partly has to do with the fact that most of the V-Days that I have actually participated in have been spent with my current boyfriend and he hates getting gifts. But I can’t just get him nothing, because that’s what I’ve gotten him the past two years, and I can’t just get him the same thing every year, I have to shake things up every now and then.

I also have difficulty with the fact that pretty much everything Valentine-related is marketed as things for men to give to women.

Ultimately I got him a variety of fancy nuts because he will happily eat fancy nuts without complaint due to the fact that he loves them but will not buy them for himself.

Upon arriving home, I presented my fiance with his nuts and as I expected he was quite delighted. He then proceeded to inform me that he had gotten me nothing, not even a card. He offered to go to *Walmart* to get me something but I said no, because I really don’t give a shit about Valentine’s Day, especially since I now have a Valentine for life.

He allowed me to think that he hadn’t gotten me anything for about an hour or two before pulling a big bag from the top of my bookcase where he had stealthily hidden my gifts. He did that to me last year too, he is a sneak.

I got a yoga brick and some absolutely delicious Dove chocolates. He is the King of Valentine’s Day. ūüôā

I want to write something, but what would I write about?

Maybe about how I’m getting married in 8 months
Or how I quit my job right after we decided to get married
Or how my new job is 100x’s better than my old one
Or how I started doing youtube yoga and absolutely love it


How I’m totally obsessed with tumblr, but I would never actually create an account of my own.¬†I made a twitter once, but never used it. My myspace has lain by the wayside, unused for a few years now, and I barely use facebook. All the same, I love seeing what the internet gets up to. I also love youtube, though I could never seem to get the hang of it myself.
Here are some entertaining tumblrs:
     I love Tyler Oakley and everything he posts, except I like Lady Gaga less than he does
     Hank Greeeen. I love him. He is a vlogbrother. Watch his videos, become a nerdfighter
     John Greeeen. I love him just a little more. Also a vlogbrother. Read his books, watch videos
     Do I need to explain Neil Gaiman? He writes wonderful things.
     I have a big crush on Julia because she is beautiful and writes equally beautiful songs.

Also, I mentioned I’m getting married, right?Image
This is my engagement/wedding ring (Obvs)

This is my fiance (did I mention he is super hot?)


Do people like this movie? I have just finished watching it and I don’t really get it. It seems very cynical. Maybe it’s because I don’t like Winona Ryder, or because Christian Slater sounded like he was trying to be Jack Nicholson.

At the end it seemed like everyone forgot about Heather #1 and the dumb jocks. In addition, it really didn’t seem like there was any punishment for killing three people. Slater gives some psycho sounding speech and eats it. Another thing that bothers me about this movie is the lack of blood. There is no consequence in this movie. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I really didn’t like this movie.

Also, does anyone else notice how often Winona seems to have some kind of diary or narration? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie with her that didn’t. I thought this movie was strange. I didn’t really like it.


I just learned that this exists and I am really upset about that because I am 100% certain that I have it. Here is a brief definition for you: 

 Dyscalculia is a specific learning disability involving innate difficulty in learning or comprehending simple arithmetic. It is akin to dyslexia and includes difficulty in understanding numbers, learning how to manipulate numbers, learning maths facts, and a number of other related symptoms

Throughout my life I have always had extreme difficulty learning and understanding math. I was always way behind the rest of the class and it took me many years to get a handle on each lesson. Most of the time I did just well enough to get by. Despite this, I was put in the “advanced” math classes in junior high. I painfully struggled through one year, then the next year I did virtually nothing because there was a big group project, and even then barely squeaked by. I begged my parents to put me in the regular math class and they finally did. Even then, I had a very difficult time, and I am positive that the only reason I even passed my math classes in high school was due to daily tutoring by my sister.

¬†One of the hardest things about this is that I have yet to meet someone who understands what I mean when I say that I cannot do math. I do not mean “I did not do well in math classes”. I mean “I have difficulty with the most very basic math.” You know those methods used by really little kids just learning math like counting on the points of numbers like 2, 3, and 4? Yeah, that is how I count.

Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Difficulty with everyday tasks like reading analog clocks
    I can read analog clocks, but it took me many years to learn. I think it took me until high school to really get this down.
  • Inability to comprehend financial planning or budgeting, sometimes even at a basic level; for example, estimating the cost of the items in a shopping basket or balancing a checkbook
  • Difficulty with multiplication-tables, and subtraction-tables, addition tables, division tables, mental arithmetic, etc.
    Check. I cannot subtract or divide at all.
  • Difficulty with conceptualizing time and judging the passing of time. May be chronically late or early.
    I get around this with routines. ‘I know that it takes me x amount of time to get ready if I do this specific set of things.’
  • Particularly problems with differentiating between left and right
    I know my right from my left but only because I write with my right. I mostly have trouble with this if I am trying to give or receive directions.
  • Might do exceptionally well in a writing related field ‚ÄĒ many authors and journalists have this disorder[citation needed]
  • Difficulty navigating or mentally “turning” the map to face the current direction rather than the common North=Top usage.
  • Having particular difficulty mentally estimating the measurement of an object or distance (e.g., whether something is 10 or 20 feet (3 or 6 metres) away).
  • Often unable to grasp and remember mathematical concepts, rules, formulae, and sequences
    Check. One of my teachers thought that I was trying to give her a hard time because I kept telling her that I didn’t understand.
  • Inability to concentrate on mentally intensive tasks
    I’m not sure that this is supposed to mean so I am not checking it.
  • Low latent inhibition, i.e., over-sensitivity to noise, smell, light and the inability to tune out, filtering unwanted information or impressions. Might have a well-developed sense of imagination due to this (possibly as cognitive compensation to mathematical-numeric deficits)
    I am not sure about this one because I have the ability to tune out my environment to the point where I will not even realize that someone is talking. (Sorry, boyfriend)
  • Mistaken recollection of names. Poor name/face retrieval. May substitute names beginning with same letter
    I have done this, but not often. I know people who have repeatedly called me by the wrong name, even several times a day even though I correct them every time.

I think that there is something really wrong with the fact that we have come to know words like dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD, but not this one. I have been made to feel stupid for 24 years at school, at the workplace, even at home because of my inability to understand and execute math.

Why was this never addressed? Why was I not tested for this. Looking back, it is painfully clear to me that I have a learning disability when it comes to math, so why have I never even heard of this?

Amy Farrah Fowler

Please, please, please be my Best Friend Forever. I know that I only have a Bachelor’s degree from a liberal arts Christian college. However, on the establishment of our friendship, I am sure that you would find my choice of career a useful compliment to your own. Both attempt to understand human behavior and mental processes. I believe that a friendship would provide a facinating subject for each of our respective fields as well as fulfilling societal obligations.

I anxiously await your response.

April Hoffman


Living in Iowa for the past two years after growing up in Illinois has caused me to start missing some things from when I grew up, specifically grocery items and restaurants. When I lived in Illinois, I barely thought about these things and in fact rarely utilized them, but now that I cannot have access to these things on a daily basis I have been made aware of their absence. Now, every time I visit my family, these things are a Must. I miss these Illinois things:

I am drooling over the thought of a Steak n Shake burger and a plate of fries. I like to smother them in ketchup and eat them with a fork because that is how you eat Steak n Shake fries (also dipped in a chocolate shake, mmmm). I really need to take a trip home soon because: Caramel Apple Shake.

*Strictly speaking, I know that Steak n Shake is not just an Illinois thing, but I see them most in Illinois. I make Rob stop whenever we see one, and he is Okay with this because he had a really stellar first time Steak n Shake experience (in Missouri, not Illinois) which I briefly mentioned in my last post, but will continue not to elaborate on.*

Rob and I get the Rippled kind instead of these, but omg so delicious. They have a website where you can buy packs of 4-8 bags, or even a “Gift Box” with one of each of their products included. They also sell pork rinds in Original, BBQ and Spicy. Ugh. I will stick with the Rippled potato chips.

This is the only other kind of chips that I will eat anymore:

But those are a UK thing, not an Illinois thing.

Speaking of the U.K. When I went to the U.K. for three months in 2007, there were foods that I missed from the U.S. which I didn’t even eat before I left, but eat all the time now. These are those:

I know everyone likes ranch dressing, but I really didn’t until I got to the U.K. and the only available ranch that I could find was on Subway sandwiches.

I had not had a Milky Way in years before my mom brought me a big stack when she came to visit me. I am all about fun size Milky Ways.

I hated peanut butter all my life until I went to the U.K. and couldn’t really find it. I found a jar at a grocery store and started eating it out of the jar with a spoon for the rest of the trip. I still do this because Rob is not a peanut butter fan.

Am I the only one who does this? If you grew up in one place and later lived somewhere else, what restaurants and grocery items do you miss?