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I feel like writing but have nothing of much consequence to write about. Alas.

Let’s see. I have been reading a lot of graphic novels this year, namely Saga which is so freaking good. Go read it, it is great. Also Lucy Knisley’s book Relish which was fucking delightful of course. Along with the first big chunk of The Walking Dead which made me ill, so I am taking a large break before I try to tackle the second giant compendium.

I’ve also read JK Rowling’s first two mystery novels and it’s like she read my mind because mysteries and JK Rowling are two of my favorite things.

Been doing very little other than reading and watching movies and discussing feminism on tumblr, which I’m sure I spend “too much” time on, but who the hell cares any way?

Anywho, you can follow me here on goodreads and here on tumblr if you so wish.

Also – I’m working on making a giant post about why women supporting other women is so important and feminism, etc, but I have so many Feelings and Thoughts about things. I will work on it.



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